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Non-Surgical & Effective Services

Cosmetic, Aesthetic, & Weight Loss Services in Eustis, FL

Are you tired of spending money on beauty services that don’t work? Our medical spa in Eustis, FL provides a full range of treatments that will boost your confidence and tackle common aesthetic concerns.

Alo Medical Aesthetics has been providing top-rate medical spa services and satisfying hundreds of clients for years. All of the treatments we do at our medspa in Eustis are non-surgical, minimally invasive, and provide fantastic results that last! Schedule a free consultation today!

Our Services

At Alo Medical Aesthetics, we’re happy to provide a plethora of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments, from laser hair removal to dermal fillers to skin rejuvenation! We’ve split our medical spa treatments into four categories, which can be seen below:

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Injectables have become some of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. While neurotoxin injections like Botox and Jeauveu have become plenty popular in the past few decades, there are so many more injectable treatment options out there. At Alo Medical Aesthetics, our injectables can reduce and eliminate fine lines, deep wrinkles, stubborn fat, and much more!

During your consultation, our medical spa experts will discuss your needs and help you decide which injectable treatment is the best for you. While well-known treatments like neurotoxins and dermal fillers restore youthful buoyancy to your skin, our other treatments also provide wonderful benefits!

Microneedling, PRP Facials, PDO threads, and mesotherapy all use different techniques to improve skin quality and texture, increase collagen production, heal acne scars, reduce fine lines, and even out the coloring of hyperpigmented skin. Mesotherapy also combines non-surgical fat loss with skin tightening.

There are many benefits to our non-surgical, minimally invasive injectable procedures. Schedule a free consultation with us online!

Beauty Bar

The beauty bar is our category of treatments aimed at the skin and face. We use the latest technology at our medical spa to ensure each treatment provides the best results. If you have issues relating to hyperpigmentation, fine lines, facial wrinkles, acne scars, and even uneven skin tone, these treatments are perfect for you.

All of these procedures have different advantages depending on your skin type, concerns, and goals. The presence of rosacea, acne, or other skin conditions will effect which of these procedures is right for you!

These services boost your body’s collagen production to improve your skin’s health and appearance. Collagen is a natural healing protein that is responsible for the tightness, texture, and health of your skin. It unfortunately also decreases as we age. But these popular, non-invasive treatments tighten the skin on the face and neck, reduce fine lines, heal scares faster, and more.

Learn more about our Beauty Bar procedures and schedule a free consultation with us today!


Alo is a leading medical spa when it comes to laser treatments. These cosmetic treatments utilize a range of different lasers to treat various concerns and improve overall skin appearance. From body hair to tattoo removal – and everything in between – our Medspa in Eustis is the place to go for laser services:

Laser treatments aren’t confined to just laser hair removal anymore! With new, cutting-edge technology, these procedures can also eliminate tattoo pigments, break up blemishes and hyperpigmentation, get rid of spider veins, and promote the growth of healthier skin.

Laser therapy of any kind is completely harmless and carries minimal side effects. In most cases, you will feel some slight warmth during the treatment and a bit of redness after. You will still be free to go about your daily schedule once the appointment is over.

If you are interested in any of our laser treatments, schedule a consultation with us today! Our trained aestheticians will work with you to develop a treatment plan that will permanently keep unwanted hair, veins, or hyperpigmentation spots away for good.

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Other Services

We also provide more treatments that you won’t find at other medspas! You can book an appointment at our medical spa for any of the following:

IV nutrition is a relatively new service that is sweeping the nation. This procedure boosts the vital systems within your body responsible for metabolism, sex drive, concentration, and more. By infusing larger quantities of nutrients directly into the bloodstream, IV nutrition assists in nutrition repletion, absorption, and overall hydration.

At Alo Medical Aesthetics, we use ZO® Skin Health products to target specific conditions such as aging skin, dehydrated skin, acne-prone and oily skin, and pigmentation problems. Paired with our facial treatments, by following a regular daily routine, you can make all the difference in your skin’s average quality, texture, and appearance.

As for our Medical Weight Loss program, we use the Olympia weight management protocol. It is a doctor-supervised program designed to help individuals their specific weight loss goals. This program is perfect for people who have tried losing weight before but did not see the results they wanted, as well as those not interested in liposuction. Along with diet restrictions and regular exercise, the Olympia system at ALo Medical makes a real and lasting difference in your health, wellness, and happiness!

FAQs About Our Medical Spa Services in Eustis, FL

A medspa is a hybrid between an aesthetic medical center and a day spa that provides nonsurgical services under the supervision of a licensed doctor. Alo Medical Aesthetics is under the supervision of physician and scientist Dr. Ada L. Rivera Cruz.

Generally, treatments at our medical spa don’t hurt. Some may cause minor irritation, but it won’t be painful. People with low pain tolerances are fine to undergo treatments.

Yes, our Medspa in Eustis offers financing in the form of Care Credit and Cherry Financing. You can learn more about both by clicking the links.

Yes, most adults can visit our medical spa and enjoy the full range of treatments. However, we do advise that pregnant and breastfeeding women consult with their doctors first. Some treatments might not be suitable for you during this stage in your life.

Moreover, if you have any allergies, it’s advisable to speak to an expert before going ahead with treatments.

Contact Us Today For All Of Your Medical Spa Needs

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The services on offer at ALo Medical don’t “make you better,” or “improve you.” Rather, our services are here to help you achieve what you want for yourself, your skin, your body, and your confidence. We want to help you feel the most at home in your own skin, proud of who you are and ready to face the world with a smile.

Enjoy a range of cosmetic and aesthetic treatments at our premium Medical Spa in Eustis, FL. Schedule a free consultation today!


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