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a woman in a blue shirt
a woman in a blue shirt

Burn Fat And Tighten Skin with Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy in Eustis, FL

As our bodies expand, our skin grows too. Fat loss usually produces loose, crepey, or hanging skin where we expected firm muscle and sleek profiles. But these days, with an advanced understanding of the human body, fat loss doesn’t have to result in hanging skin. Mesotherapy can simultaneously help you shed fat and tighten skin for the result you’ve been dreaming of.

At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, our mesotherapy treatment folds both benefits into one. Using only targeted injections of safe, natural, and even organic solutions, we can tighten skin, encourage fat loss, and help you shape targeted areas to your desire. At ALo Medical, science meets art, and art meets science in our cutting-edge mesotherapy treatments.

dermal filler being injected into a woman's chin area

How Mesotherapy Works

Mesotherapy uses targeted injections of various healing substances (enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and more) at different depths in your skin and tissue to achieve near-complete results. Mesotherapy can help you remove fat and tighten skin. As a recontouring treatment, mesotherapy encourages fat loss while tightening skin for a sculpted profile.

By using fine needles at differing depths in the skin, mesotherapy resolves underlying issues that could compromise or limit skin and tissue health. In targeted areas along the abdomen, neck, chin, and elsewhere, mesotherapy can reduce cellulite, improve circulation, and keep everything healthy and tight—entirely naturally!

Benefits of Mesotherapy

By using natural substances, vitamins, and minerals to correct underlying skin and tissue issues, mesotherapy delivers benefits beyond tighter skin and reduced fat. Mesotherapy may be used on the abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks, face, neck, and elsewhere to achieve desired results. Appropriately, mesotherapy can:

  • Tighten skin
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Encourage fat loss
  • Rejuvenate skin

Who’s a Candidate for Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a safe, effective, and corrective treatment option relying on natural and organic substances to encourage healing in skin and tissue. Thanks to this more organic approach, mesotherapy is appropriate for most patients seeking to reduce fat, tighten skin, limit cellulite, and improve their weight loss efforts and skin.

We’ll speak with you during your consultation at ALo medical to understand your needs, desires, and expectations. Then, we’ll suggest a treatment option we think may be most suitable for you.

Mesotherapy FAQs

It certainly can! By injecting vital healing agents and growth factors (vitamins, minerals) at specific depths in the skin, mesotherapy may encourage hair growth in the targeted area. During your consultation at ALo Medical, we’ll talk more about mesotherapy as a treatment option for regrowing hair.

Mesotherapy relies on a series of injections to achieve your desired results. It may take several sessions to encourage the changes you’d like to see. How you feel about needles, mesotherapy may be more or less comfortable for you. Most patients find that the minimally-invasive, non-surgical mesotherapy approach is much more desirable and comfortable than alternatives. For everyone else, a topical numbing agent may be applied.

Thanks to the more natural and restorative approach taken throughout the mesotherapy treatment process, you can expect results to last between 12-18 months. By resolving underlying skin and tissue issues with 3-6 mesotherapy sessions, you can expect results to go with you for a year or longer. Continued therapy is the best approach to maintaining the benefits.

For Contouring, Skin Health, and More!

woman receiving injection in the skin of her arm

Surgical options—like neck lifts and liposuction—can be costly, dangerous, and traumatic, requiring long recovery periods before you can get back to life as you know it. Mesotherapy creates similar results to some of the most popular surgical interventions by taking a more natural, minimally-invasive approach. To learn what mesotherapy can do for you or schedule your consultation, contact ALo Medical in Eustis, FL!


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