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A Laser Technician Guides A Bright White Light From A Handheld Applicator Over A Patient’s Face

IPL 101 – What is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy?

The human body has been designed by nature to flourish under our sun. With just a little exposure to sunlight each day, our bodies are better able to create vitamin D—promoting bone density and reducing general inflammation. But when it comes to ultraviolet radiation, too much of a good thing can have serious consequences. 

Take this now-famous picture of a trucker, for example. After years of driving, the left side of his face (the side closest to the window) is noticeably more aged than the right. 

Photoaging, as it’s called, can deepen wrinkles, discolor skin, and cause significant sagging. But what one form of light causes, another form of healing light can repair. Here’s how.

IPL Photofacials – Reverse Photoaging & Permanently Destroy Discoloration in Eustis, FL

At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, we use leading-edge skin science to reverse the damaging effects of UV light. Intense pulsed light therapy (also called an “IPL photofacial”) is capable of correcting skin damage caused by the sun. 

Better still, an IPL photofacial can provide permanent results in some cases. Read on to learn about the primary advantages of this quick, simple, and comfortable procedure!

What is an IPL Photofacial?

True to its name, IPL therapy uses flashes of light tuned to a precise wavelength. This wavelength allows light to easily penetrate the epidermis and dermis—the top two layers of skin. 

But IPL doesn’t stop there. It’s capable of warming the final and deepest skin layer (the hypodermis) for additional skin tightening and rejuvenating effects.

To understand what IPL photofacials can do for you, we have to explore what it treats. Here are just a few of the top applications for IPL therapy.

What are the Advantages of IPL Photofacials?

Thanks to its non-invasive methodology, IPL therapy boasts numerous advantages over other skin tightening treatments or collagen induction therapies. 

Benefits of IPL therapy include:

  • Comprehensive skin rejuvenation
  • Non-invasive
  • Comfortable
  • Quick results
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Reverses skin damage
  • Rejuvenates skin
  • Long-lasting results

Age Spots, Liver Spots, & Hyperpigmentation

After decades of living and dozens of trips to the beach, it’s only natural to notice a brown spot here, a raised, dark lump there. While usually benign, these small discolored spots can make us look older than we feel. But these blemishes don’t have to be forever. 

When a cluster of skin cells absorbs too much UV light, they may overproduce melanin—a naturally occurring pigment that gives your hair, eyes, and skin color. Thankfully, it’s this very same principle that allows IPL therapy to reverse that effect.

Darker colors absorb light at higher rates than brighter colors. By tuning the IPL wavelength just so, we’re able to overload darker skin cells while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Once the discolored skin absorbs enough light, the cells scatter and are processed out of the body through your lymphatic system.

When used to treat age spots, liver spots, or other discolorations, IPL photofacials provide permanent results. You may experience discolorations elsewhere later on, but that blemish will never grow back in the same way or place as before.

Sagging Skin

In your childhood, cuts and bruises seemed to disappear overnight. Only serious injuries resulted in lasting scars. The resilience of your skin in your early years comes down to the abundance of collagen your body produced. 

Collagen and elastin are two vital structural proteins responsible for skin health, tightness, and tone. But as we age, our bodies reduce collagen production, leading to increased skin damage and skin laxity (looseness). 

For sagging skin, IPL photofacials provide a definite boost. IPL light energy is capable of reaching all the way down to your hypodermis, triggering a natural healing response. IPL photofacials inspire a localized surge in collagen, lifting and healing skin while keeping it tight for more youthful contours. 

Acne Scars & Rosacea Redness

The collagen-boosting effect of IPL photofacials doesn’t stop with sagging skin. Once collagen floods the treatment area, it sticks around for weeks or even months, healing old wounds and reversing years of subtle skin damage. By increasing collagen, IPL therapy can even help with old and new acne scars. 

For rosacea sufferers, IPL therapy offers a unique way toward smoother, uniform skin. Rosacea flushing and blushing are caused by swelling surface capillaries in the face. But these small, near-surface veins aren’t always necessary. IPL photofacials can close or even destroy these veins, allowing that blood to find a less visible path wherever it was going. 

For fewer days of embarrassing blushing, and fewer new and old acne scars, IPL ranks among the simplest, most effective, and most comfortable treatments available today.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment can be measured by how effective it is at treating fine lines and wrinkles. Here again, IPL photofacials lead the pack.

By boosting collagen to tighten skin, IPL therapy reduces the visual impact of fine lines and wrinkles. For anywhere from six months to one year after your final appointment, you can expect tighter, blemish-free skin that matches your youthful spirit.

Try an IPL Photofacial For Yourself in Eustis, FL!

Before choosing lasers, microneedling, or a surgical facelift, see what IPL photofacials can do for you! With comprehensive benefits, long-lasting results, and minimal to no downtime, IPL therapy is leading the way in non-invasive aesthetic procedures nationwide!

To learn more about IPL photofacials, or to schedule your appointment, call us today at 352-290-6200 or contact us online. At ALo Medical, science meets art and art meets science!

What Can IPL Photofacials Do for You? Find Out at ALo Medical Today!

Blemishes, rosacea blushing, acne scars, and fine lines don’t have to plague you day in and day out. And you don’t have to drop $10K on expensive plastic surgery to correct the issues that distract you most. At ALo Medical, we use the healing power of light to reverse photoaging, destroy blemishes, and tighten skin. To learn more, contact us or schedule your appointment online!

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