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PDO Thread Lift FAQs – What They Are, How They Work

PDO Thread Lift FAQs: What They Are, How They Work

Ask anyone, “what plastic surgery procedure is best for restoring youthful features to the face?” Most will respond, “facelifts, of course!” Facelifts have earned a reputation by being one of the leading plastic surgery procedures the world over—year after year, decade after decade. But surgical facelifts aren’t the only way to restore youthful features, and depending on how much time and money you’re willing to spend, alternative procedures may be more suitable for you.

21st-Century Facelift Alternatives

At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, we pride ourselves on offering the latest, greatest, alternative treatment options for treating fine lines, wrinkles, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet, and all the other signs of aging on the face. Our minimally-invasive alternative to facelifts—PDO Threads—represents the leading edge of cosmetic chemistry and understanding. PDO thread lifts provide many of the same benefits as facelifts but at a fraction of the cost. 

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about our PDO threads.

PDO Thread FAQs

What are PDO threads?

For starters, PDO stands for polydioxanone—a synthetic filament already widely used in the healthcare field for medical sutures. Cosmetic PDO threads come in numerous varieties depending on their uses. They can be smooth, barbed, twisted together for strength, or otherwise. PDO threads are biodegradable and unlikely to be rejected by your body’s natural immune response.

How does a PDO thread lift work?

Cosmetic PDO threads come in-cannula, meaning that they’re ready for insertion through a small incision in the skin. Once threaded into place at numerous angles beneath your facial tissue, these threads are tightened to lift and strengthen various aspects and areas of the face. 

Unlike facelifts, PDO thread lifts only require small incisions for the insertion of the threads themselves. Once implanted, PDO threads can also naturally inspire boosted production of elastin and collagen—two important structural proteins responsible for the appearance and health of skin.

How much do PDO thread lifts cost?

The cost of a PDO thread lift depends on various factors, including the number of threads needed, the type of thread lift being performed, and the expertise of your cosmetic provider. Even so, you can expect your PDO thread lift to cost around 25% of a traditional, surgical facelift. 

Are PDO thread lifts more affordable than facelifts?

Absolutely! PDO thread lifts are more affordable than surgical facelifts. By all accounts, a traditional facelift costs an average of $10,000. Some plastic surgeons charge quite a good deal more. PDO thread lifts generally cost a quarter of that, depending on the provider.

Are PDO threads safe?

PDO threads and PDO thread lifts are perfectly safe for most patients. Polydioxanone is already widely used as a primary compound for medical sutures. In this usage, PDO enjoys a wonderful reputation. It’s biodegradable (dissolves over time), has a remarkably high tensile strength (is unlikely to tear or cause uncomfortable pulling), and is unlikely to cause rejection or a heightened immune response. In short, PDO threads are widely considered safe, and most top manufacturers have the FDA clearance to prove it.

Are PDO thread lifts as good as facelifts?

Yes, PDO thread lifts provide most of the same results as your average, surgical facelift. Furthermore, PDO thread lifts have several key advantages over traditional facelifts. 

PDO threads can tighten skin, lessening the appearance and impact of fine lines and wrinkles. PDO threads can also be inserted at angles to lessen glabellar (inner eye) lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, laugh lines, and numerous other common facial wrinkles—all at a ¼ the cost of surgical facelifts.

How long do PDO thread lifts last?

PDO threads last about 2+ years, but at ¼ the cost of a traditional facelift, you can afford to return for another thread lift procedure in the future. PDO thread lifts are also reversible. Unlike facelifts—which cannot be reversed—if you don’t like the results of your thread lift procedure, the threads can simply be removed. 

A Better Way for Facial Rejuvenation

Not everyone is ready for the financial and physical commitment required by surgical facelifts. For some of us, the thought of general anesthesia or the enormous expense may be too much. Thankfully, PDO threads offer a cutting-edge middle ground for those of us looking to take years off our faces without breaking the bank to do so.

At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, our PDO thread lifts are safe, effective, and quick. Generally taking an hour or less, our thread lifts only need the span of a lunch break to complete. To learn more about PDO threads or PDO thread lifts, contact us today. You can also text us at (352) 290-6200 or talk to us at (352) 306-2838

At ALo Medical, science meets art and art meets science!  

Ditch the scalpel and choose the quicker, more affordable PDO thread.

Surgical facelifts were the best option of the last century. Now, new scientific advancements and greater medical understanding allow us to achieve many of the same results without expense, danger, or discomfort. PDO threads have dozens of purposeful applications in the face and can even be used to target specific trouble areas. To learn more about the advantages of PDO thread lifts over traditional, surgical facelifts, contact us today! 

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