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Make 2024 The Year – How Medically Assisted Weight Loss Really Works

It’s completely natural to wake up on January 1st with a mix of emotions. First, there’s everything you went through in the prior year to analyze and file away. Then there are your hopes for the coming year. And naturally, as we know too well, our resolutions are there to greet us first thing, reminding us of the changes we need to live our best lives. 

If you’re putting fitness first this New Year, you’re not alone. Nearly 34% of the American population (upwards of 112 million people) are prioritizing weight loss in 2024. But grim as it is to say, the majority of these people will fail—not because they lack willpower, but because they simply don’t know the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

If you’ve tried to shed extra pounds once, twice, or even a dozen times before without success, it’s time to change up your method, not your goal. This year, there’s a new way forward. Learn how you can finally lose weight and keep it off in Eustis, FL!

2024 Is the Year of Medically Assisted Weight Loss in Eustis, FL

If you’ve tried to lose weight before and either couldn’t take it off or couldn’t keep it off, it’s time to change the narrative. At ALo Medical, we take a multimodal approach to weight loss—that means we combine several effective treatment methods for boosting results and accountability.

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What is Medically Assisted Weight Loss?

Medically assisted weight loss is the classification used to describe dozens of treatments, procedures, and alternative methods for losing weight—all under the supervision of a weight loss professional. 

Medically assisted weight loss may include vitamins, minerals, injections, a new weight loss drug (think: Ozempic or Semaglutide), monitoring, counseling, and other tools to finally create the changes you want most. 

In essence, medically assisted weight loss programs are designed around you. By uncovering the body chemistry that’s holding you back, we can recommend the best supplements, treatments, and lifestyle changes for each patient individually. 

Why is Medically Assisted Weight Loss Better Than Going it Alone?

When we think about starting a new weight loss or fitness routine, we think about two places specifically—the gym and the kitchen. Between smart changes to our diet and a disciplined routine at the gym, we should be able to lose weight, right? Well, that’s not always the case.

Those of us with no underlying conditions, no hormonal imbalances, no quirks in our metabolic rate, and no barriers to intense exercise can certainly succeed by making changes in the gym and in the kitchen. But as you can probably tell, there are dozens of reasons why that standard “gym and kitchen” routine may not work for you.

Medically assisted weight loss programs start with a simple hypothesis: no two people lose weight in the same way. Everyone has unique barriers, but by identifying and minimizing those barriers, we’re better able to succeed beyond either gym or kitchen.

How Does Medically Assisted Weight Loss Work? 

Ultimately, medically assisted weight loss works differently for everyone—that’s part of its strength. Depending on preliminary tests, extensive discussions, and the urgency of your weight loss needs, we may recommend one or more of the following. 

Oral Supplements & Medications

You may already know that hormones, vitamins, and nutrients play a crucial role in any fitness or weight loss routine. But you may not understand how large of a role these chemical messengers and molecules play. 


When taken orally once or twice daily, certain compounds can boost your ability to shed unwanted pounds. At ALo Medical, we may use the following oral medications regularly throughout your weight loss journey.

  • Naltrexone – Keeps insulin levels low & supercharges production of growth hormones which prioritize muscle development. Naturally, the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism.
  • Lipo-Trim SL Oral Spray – Contains a curated combination of amino acids and B vitamins. This formula helps your body convert fat into energy, reduces cravings, and supports your immune system. 

Injections & The Newest Weight Loss Drugs

Injections or medicine taken through IV therapy bypass your digestive tract entirely. This means greater absorption, faster benefits, and maximum results. 

At ALo Medical, we use several injectable treatments packed with what your body needs to lose weight. But two of our injectable treatments deserve special mention:


  • Sermorelin – Sermorelin acetate is known to stimulate the pituitary gland, boosting growth hormone production for increased muscularity and faster metabolism. This speeds up lipolysis—or the process by which fat is destroyed for energy.
  • Semaglutide (AKA Ozempic) – You’ve heard the name. But chances are good that you’re still asking, “how do semaglutide injections work?” Semaglutide simulates the effects of certain naturally occurring peptides which regulate blood sugar and curb cravings. On its own or as part of a weight loss routine, semaglutide may be the wonderdrug you’ve been searching for.

Functional Weight Loss, Nutritional Counseling, & Reporting

The best medically assisted weight loss programs combine fitness, counseling, lifestyle changes, and reporting for maximum effect. At ALo Medical, our functional wellness program builds a weight loss routine tailored to your unique body chemistry. 

Here’s a rough timeline for how your functional weight loss journey will go:

  • Step 1: Testing – This version of our medically assisted weight loss protocol starts with testing. A simple blood sample can tell us nearly everything we need to know about what’s holding you back.
  • Step 2: Medication – We’ll suggest a combination of some of the new weight loss drugs, injections, and vitamins mentioned above. This course of action positions you to benefit optimally from what comes next.
  • Step 3: Counseling – Next up is nutritional counseling, but we go beyond just food. We educate patients on nutrients, toxins, and inflammation before designing a comfortable, achievable routine for exercise. 
  • Step 4: Reporting – You’ll meet with our team regularly to receive additional oral medications, injections, and tests. You’ll also speak with us frequently about your struggles, your wins, and your weight loss results. 
  • Step 5: Adjustments & Success – Based on your reporting and the results of your weigh-ins, we’ll make adjustments as needed until we see the results you’re looking for. But ultimately, we won’t stop until we’ve found the key that unlocks a healthier, leaner, lighter future.

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Let’s get one thing absolutely straight: the same old gym and kitchen approach to weight loss will not work for everyone. Some of us face invisible or unknown barriers to weight loss, and no amount of discipline or calorie cutting will change that fact. 

Your body chemistry could be holding you back from your fitness goals in 2024. If you’ve tried to lose substantial weight several times before, but never experienced the results you were looking for, it’s time to take a different approach.

Schedule your FREE consultation with ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, and let us uncover the reasons for your struggles. Afterward, we can customize a weight loss program to meet your every need and stay with you until your goals are reached.

Make 2024 The Year That You Finally Lose Weight. Contact ALo Today!

Some of us don’t need a crystal ball to know how our weight loss attempt will go this year. Some of us simply know that—no matter how hard we try or have tried—the weight just won’t come off. But your struggles may not be your fault. Your body chemistry could be holding you back. With a test, a discussion, a plan, and a promise to do your very best, you can succeed in 2024 with ALo Medical on your side. Give us a call for your free consultation today at 352-290-6200 or contact us online!

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