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How Laser Skin Resurfacing Promotes Total Skin Health

How Laser Skin Resurfacing Promotes Total Skin Health

Our skin has been designed by nature to interact with, absorb, and make nutrients from light. We are, in essence, creatures of the sun. But UV light isn’t completely kind to our skin throughout the years, and excessive sun exposure has been proven to prematurely age us in certain amounts. Thankfully, there’s a treatment option that can turn back the clock on your facial appearance and even eliminate unwanted blemishes—laser skin resurfacing.

Comprehensive Skin Rejuvenation

Skin health doesn’t just deal with one layer of skin. In fact, there are three layers in total that make up your skin, the largest organ on your body. Your skin contains a top layer (epidermis), a middle layer (dermis), and a lower layer (hypodermis). Total skin rejuvenation, then, must address imperfections and deficiencies at each of these three layers.

At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, our laser resurfacing treatments interact with and create benefits for each layer of skin. Laser resurfacing can help you tackle fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars while also boosting vital structural proteins for lasting luster and skin health. Here’s how.

Laser Resurfacing For the Epidermis

Although you can’t see it, there’s a lot happening on your skin’s most visible outer layer. Our skin regenerates according to a roughly 27-day cycle. During this cycle, new skin rises up and protects you for a time before drying out, flaking off, and making room for new cells.

Unfortunately, dead skin doesn’t always shed as quickly as it should. Old skin cells stick around, decaying at the surface while newer skin cells struggle upward. Dead skin cells also excrete oils and leave behind toxins that compromise the next generation of skin cells. Thankfully, laser skin resurfacing can help.

True to its name, laser resurfacing uses light energy to scour the skin of dead and decaying cells, clearing the way for new skin to grow. The process also improves the appearance of pores and removes oils and toxins. Those suffering from frequent and intense acne outbreaks may experience a true difference after just one sitting. But that’s not all that laser resurfacing is good for.

Laser Resurfacing For the Dermis

Ultraviolet light may be good for us in small doses, but even a stray ray of sunlight can cause strange changes in the skin’s middle layer. Here, skin cells damaged from UV light change color and cluster together, forming blemishes, age spots, freckles, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. These skin imperfections can be distracting, unwanted, and embarrassing, but here again, laser resurfacing offers a solution.

By focusing the laser to transfer the most energy (and therefore, heat) into the discolored cells, this technology can scatter the discolored groupings while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. Once the blemish is broken up, your body takes care of the rest, naturally processing the cells away and leaving only smooth skin in their place.

Laser resurfacing can help with numerous blemishes, including:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Sun damage
  • Age spots
  • Moles
  • Freckles
  • Warts
  • Other forms of hyperpigmentation

Laser Resurfacing For the Hypodermis

At the lowest layer of skin, you’ll mostly find fatty tissues and skin-supporting substances. It’s in the lower layer that so many vital nutrients, acids, helpful oils, and other beneficial substances are produced and distributed. But as we age, our body naturally slows in the production of these support substances, leaving our skin at the surface somewhat stranded.

The same heat energy created by the laser throughout the resurfacing process extends to this lowest layer where it warms supporting tissue. This heat can naturally increase the production of elastin and collagen—two vital, structural proteins responsible for skin tightness, texture, and glow. Once produced and sent upwards into the other layers, elastin and collagen get to work by healing new and old scars, tightening the skin, and improving texture and tone. At all three layers of your skin, the resurfacing treatment has made a real difference for comprehensive skin health.

Discover What Laser Resurfacing Can Do For You

With a skin rejuvenation treatment as comprehensive as laser resurfacing, you can tackle multiple skin issues in each sitting. Laser skin resurfacing is safe, fast, and effective at handling numerous imperfections while boosting the overall health and quality of your skin.

Ditch the 27-day regeneration cycle and achieve the skin of your dreams by scheduling your laser resurfacing appointment with ALo Medical today. Proudly serving Eustis, FL, and the greater Lake County area, we pride ourselves on our artist’s touch and our scientist’s understanding.

Text us at (352) 290-6200 to learn more about how laser resurfacing works, or call us at (352) 306-2838 to schedule your appointment today.

Give your skin the help it needs across each of its 3 distinct layers

At ALo Medical, science meets art and art meets science! We understand skin at each level and throughout its many cycles so that we can improve skin quality, fight common symptoms of premature aging, and turn back the clock on sun damage. Laser skin resurfacing offers too many benefits to list in one blog. So, to learn more about the laser treatment in Eustis, FL, contact us today! Stop worrying about your skin and start looking forward to a flawless complexion with laser resurfacing from ALo Medical!

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