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Microblading & Eyelash Extensions For Eyes that Mesmerize

Microblading & Eyelash Extensions In Eustis, FL

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Of the five common senses, sight is the one we rely on the most. Maybe that’s why we’re quick to focus on the eyes of the people we meet. But not everyone is born with thick, evocative eyebrows, or eyelashes that bat like a fan with every blink. Thankfully, for those of us with underwhelming eyes, there’s microblading and eyelash extensions at ALo Medical in Eustis, FL.

At ALo Medical, we can give your eyebrows a semi-permanent boost with our delicate microblading techniques, or help you stun birds in flight with long, luscious eyelashes that invite mystery and desire. Whatever you want your eyes to say, there’s a service to match at ALo Medical.

How Microblading Works

Like a dense treeline, thick eyebrows invite a sense of mystery. We want to know more about what’s behind those lovely brows, and where our minds go, our hearts usually follow. Microblading improves the appearance of eyebrows by using a semi-permanent, tattoo-like procedure without the deep penetration, machinery, or over-long effects of actual tattooing.

By using a special hand applicator with extremely fine needles, our aestheticians draw flowing, hair-like lines throughout the brow, filling in for thin or missing brow hair. The results endure for upwards of 18 months without penetrating into the deeper layers of skin where the pigment might remain for longer (like tattoo ink).

How Eyelash Extensions Work

In a procedure as delicate and fine as your eyelashes, the extension treatment works by adhering fibers to individual lashes with a semi-permanent glue. The fibers are colored to match your natural lashes, giving your eyes that fanning blink effect you desire.

Eyelash extensions provide a much-needed pop to every glance, last upwards of 2 months, and shed naturally with the regrowth of new lashes. For a quick boost to your already beautiful peepers, eyelash extensions work wonders.

Benefits Of Microblading & Eyelash Extensions

When your eyes shine, you shine. Microblading and eyelash extensions are non-invasive, non-surgical ways to boost your natural allure with quick & comfortable treatments. Aside from the boost in mystique and confidence, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Comfortable treatments
  • Lasting results
  • Non-invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Reversible
  • Confidence boosting
  • Affordable

Who Is a Good Candidate For Microblading & Extensions?

Microblading and eyelash extensions are ideal for anyone with thin eyebrows or eyelashes. If you’re looking to wear less makeup, have over-plucked your lashes or brows, or suffer from alopecia or hair loss, you could be a perfect candidate for these non-invasive eye-popping treatment options.

During your consultation at ALo Medical, we’ll speak with you about your past medical history, expectations, and desires. After that, we’ll recommend the microblading or eyelash extension option that will work best for you.

Microblading & Eyelash Extension FAQs

Because microblading only affects the superficial layer of skin, it causes a good deal less discomfort than any traditional tattooing method. A numbing cream is typically applied to maximize comfort, resulting in only a sensation of minor pressure for most patients.

The duration of the eyelash extension treatment depends on your existing lashes and ultimate desires. For those of us who just need a minor boost, the eyelash extension appointment may only require 1-1.5 hours. For thinner lashes that need more pop (and more fibers), the eyelash extension may require upwards of 3 hours for the fullest, best effects.

When applied properly, eyelash extensions shouldn’t cause any damage to your existing lashes or the development of new lashes. A skilled hand knows how to select the fibers and apply them with skill to avoid any trauma to the hair or hair follicles. At ALo Medical, we take the utmost pride and safety with each and every one of our procedures and treatment options. Our eyelash extensions are no exception.

Schedule Your Microblading & Eyelash Extensions Today

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Eyes may be the windows to the soul, but thankfully, we don’t have to rely on our natural production of eyebrow and eyelash hair to invite intrigue. At ALo Medical in Eustis, FL, our microblading and eyelash extension techniques can give you the pop, sizzle, and deep sensual look you desire.

To learn more about our Beauty Bar services, or to schedule your microblading or eyelash extension, contact us today. At ALo Medical, science meets art and art meets science!


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